La semana del 23 de marzo celebramos en Madrid y en castellano, el curso VIVND part 2 de Cisco.

Dicha formación está dirigida a partners y clientes, ya que es un requerimiento para la Especialización Avanzada de Collaboration así como ayuda a aumentar y profundizar en conocimientos en vigilancia por vídeo, en Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration, en Telepresence, en Digital Media Player y en soluciones de arquitecturas de vídeo.

Para más información al respecto, leer flyer: CCNA VIDEO PART 2

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Bootcamp Cisco UCS Mini. Un 80% práctico.

Hemos confeccionado este curso con contenido 80% práctico para ayudar a clientes y partners a conocer la solución UCS MINI mediante la entrega de un bootcamp que captará la atención de todos los asistentes de inmediato por poder contar con una solución similar en sus oficinas.

Tendrán la oportunidad de experimentar la facilidad de la puesta en marcha de la solución UCS Mini y validar conceptos diferenciadores como laotros gestión unificada, Stateless, Virtualización Interace Card, Boot from SAN y aspectos diferenciadores que hacen de UCS Mini la mejor opción actualmente para un máximo de 15 servidores que proporciona una solución escalable.

Flyer: UCS MINI Bootcamp curso

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Formación Recomendada para la Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture

Novedad formativa y requerimiento obligatorio para los partners Gold

La especialización Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture le proporciona la capacitación que necesita para vender Cisco Unified Access y soluciones inteligentes WAN.

Sus clientes pueden tener las conexiones de sucursales que necesitan, usando menos y costosas opciones de transporte WAN, sin afectar el rendimiento, la seguridad o fiabilidad.  Roadmap Flyer Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture

Adjuntamos Roadmap de formaciones recomendadas para alcanzar la arquitectura y las especializaciones avanzadas Advanced Core and Wan y Unified Access

Destacar las 2 nuevas formaciones que ya tenemos convocatorias:

Enterprise Networks Unified Access Essentials (ENUAE)
Fecha: Del 18 al 22 de mayo, Barcelona/Madrid y formato online.

• T1: Models stackwise i grans, 3650,3820,6500,6800
• T2 Prime: Config bàsica tant wireless com no
• T4 Wireless
• T5 Llicències i coses soltes
• T6: ISE AnyAccess
• T7: SmartOperations (EEM i SLA)
• T8 AVC bàsic
• T9 Monitoring Prime amb ISE

Enterprise Networks Core and Wan Essentials (ENCWE)
Fecha: Del 15 al 18 de junio, Barcelona/Madrid y formato online

• T1 Introducció WAN
• T2 Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN): Tunels, Path control, performance, management
• T3 IWAN Deployment; (Prime, AVCm Performance routing, IPv6)
• T4 IWAN Optimization (Waas)
• T5 IWAN Secure Connectiity
• T6 Branch office implementation



The business of ‘Internet of Things’ is a reef: will move 600,000 million in 2022

The digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet, called Internet of Things or IoT, its acronym in English, will generate a turnover of 596,000 million euros in 2022 worldwide, according to a report from the lab VINT of Sogeti.
According to the report, the sectors in which the implementation of solutions IoT will have greater influence are construction (smart buildings) and automotive, in which 213,000 million and 175,000 million, respectively, were generated.

Behind these, utilities, with 44,000 million euros, smart cities, with 21,000 million euros, and industry, with 17,000 million euros, are the other sectors where the IoT generate more business, reports Ep. The report also reveals that the concept of smart cities aglutinará investments from diverse backgrounds, including those related to intelligent buildings, cars and energy suppliers.

Thus, from 2010 to 2020 the development of such cities or projects based on IoT within them generate an investment volume of 108,000 million euros. The study explains that the rapid development of smart cities is driven by the fact that while half the world’s population lives in cities, by 2050 this proportion will be 75%. He also notes that 80% of CO2 emissions are produced in cities and in which 80% of the wealth is generated.

source: Economista.es


Will we be able humans assign an IP address to each “thing” in the world ?.

We are connected to the Internet for all and I enjoy sharing articles I read or just think to further promote the connection.

We basis that the Internet of things IoT can be any natural man, object and event to which it may assign an IP address provided to transfer data over a network, I think … will we be able humans assign an address IP to each “thing” in the world ?. A great challenge and an unexpected growth in the technology industry estimated income millionaires and every day takes more relevance in our daily lives.

Currently as we live, we use or read ads like Apple iOS 8 in which he talked about his new application “calledhomekit”, which means iPhones you can lock doors, dim lights, temperatures and communicate with household appliances .

Another would be to use the Fitbit device on the wrist that literally knows when we are sleeping and when we are awake, in addition to analyzing the quality of sleep. It tells you how many steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve run or how many calories you’ve burned. This analysis will be linked to the health sector and will share key, such as blood pressure and heart rate with your doctor without a trip data.

Some recent that have caught my attention are the new smart shirt with conductive fibers that can track heart rate information via Bluetooth and wif-fi to a Smartphone or computer or soon will be able to wave to cars with the push of a button on a smart phone and could detect us the nearest taxi but still a vehicle without a driver, which takes you to the destination detecting other vehicles, pedestrians in its path, shortest and fastest routes, you will be billed automatically and unattended … human?
Certainly, as Bryzek says, “This is the largest growth in the history of human beings.”
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