Bootcamps winners!

It is our pleasure to put at your disposal our Bootcamps and offer its customers these programs to generate demand.

Will have the opportunity to experience the easy of implementation of different solutions:

  • Mini UCS (VersaStack, Flexpod & Citrix)
  • Nexus9K & ACI
  • Hyperflex
  • ISE
  • Sales Securtiy
  • Ciber Security
  • Security Sourcefire


We have prepared a 80% practical content to help partners and customers to know the solutions of Cisco Data Center by delivering Bootcamps that will capture the attention of all attendees immediately to have a similar solution in their offices.

Flexible in duration 7 access format:

1 day. 8 hours. Face / Webex

2 days. 16 hours. Classroom / Webex

5 days. 40 hours. Classroom / Webex


Why MIRA Telecomunicaciones?

Specialist, more than 12 years as a catlyst for Cisco advanced technologies, flexible, innovative and strong solutions for partners and customers.

Wide experience:

More than 300 Bootcamps programs delivered in LATAM and around the world for Partner Enablement and Demand Generation and formal courses in advanced technology.

Our Laboratories:

  • Data Center (UCS, UCS Mini, Nexus, ACI, Hyperflex)
  • Security
  • Collaboration

Our survey results:

:: Instructor Qualification: 9,4/10

:: Best Cisco Learning Partner Award 2015

:: Cisco annual recognition for our instructors “Excellent Instructor Award”

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Cisco instructors service

Mira Telecomunicaciones is a Cisco Learning Partner in Spain and we are a catalyst Cisco advanced technologies and support their strategic initiatives

We deliver official Cisco training and technological advanced programs that help processes partner enablement and demand generation.

Why choose our instructors?

:: Instructors included annually in the list “ Excellent Instructor Award”

:: Curriculum with strengths and extensive experience delivering advanced Cisco training around the world. (Data Center Unified Comuting, Unified Communications, Wireless, Security, ACI, Hyperflex, UCS Director VersaStack Mini UCS, Nexus 9k, Prime Schism, ASA Firepower)

:: Our adaptation to meet their real needs and strategic to provide training. There is the possibility of including other ecosystem partners cisco. (Citrix, Flexpod, Veem, …)

Lenguage training

Our instructors can provide training in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Levels and technologies

We cover all the Cisco pyramid practitioners and sales.

Entry-Associate / Professional / Expert & Specializations

  • Collaboration (Call Manager, Contact Center Express, & Enterprise, Jabber, video, …)
  • Data Center (Ucs, Nexus 9k, N9k ACI, Hyperflex, Flexpod, N5k, N7k, …)
  • Enterprise Networks (Wifi, ISE, Cisco Prime, …)
  • Internet Of Thing (IoY for Business Development)
  • Security (CCNP, Sourcefire,Express NFG, web, mail, …)
  • Service Provider

Our vision is to your reference will help transform the business to its customers and partners to again digital worms.

We’ll help you to transform the business to yours.