Cisco Official Training

As a Cisco Learning Partner allows you to continue to develop with guarantees, because we are a professional partner in training we provide the resources necessary to ensure the penetration of technology.

  • Official materials
  • Laboratories for practical and demos.
  • Date information.
  • Specialized and certified professionals.

Our vision is to continue providing IT professionals with expertise in vertical solutions including Cisco Data Center virtualization technology, servers and networks to ease the way to customers who want to migrate to the cloud.

So we value our customers (from 0-10 points)


Content 8,5
Instructor 9,2
Facilities and resources 8,5
Laboratory Practices 8,8
Overall score 8,6

Program channel

The channel partner program is one way in which Cisco helps grow your business and differentiate themselves from their competitors through the various programs offered.

Get any specialization and / or certification * rewards and offers you develop your skills and knowledge helps deepen with technology.

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