Clearly defined values ​​and philosophy
Committed to each client to maximize the return on their investment in training and consulting.
    • Strengthen the architecture of talent, for the transformation of individuals, organizations and communities with an innovative proposal to be IT services.
        • We route partners to the certifications and specializations associated with the Cisco channel program and the benefits of being certified.
        • Services based on real-life schemas according to the Cisco Strategic Initiative, and the new technologies that make up the current Cisco business schema.
    • Structure oriented to customer satisfaction.
        • We segment our customers and we tailor each group a customized service based on their purchasing and selection criteria, with the aim of offering customized solutions.
        • Each of our courses is the product of close collaboration between the best engineers, project managers and business.
        • Our clients have a direct and positive impact of our services, with tangible and measurable results.
    • Having a human team committed to quality, efficiency and efficiency, which contributes daily to the continuous improvement and profitability of all participants: “customers, suppliers, workers and partners.”

How do our customers value us? (Score from 0 to 10)

Content → 8,5
Instructor → 9,2
Audiovisual Facilities and Media → 8,5
Practices and laboratories → 8,8
Overall score → 8,6

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