Cisco Big Data Analytics, Architecture and Management (ANDMB)


Cisco Big Data Analytics, Architecture and Management (ANDMB)

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This course is aimed at individuals looking to design scalable, reliable, and intelligent data center solutions using Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics

    • Channel Partners
    • Customers
    • Employees


It is recommended that a learner have the following knowledge and skills before attending this course:

    • Knowledge include Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)
    • Modern Data Center technologies
    • Modern data center virtualization technologies
    • Conceptual understanding of basic scripting

Objetivos del curso:

    • Describe a high-level overview of big data fundamentals
    • Describe big data storage, compute, and data networking architecture
    • Introduce Hadoop core components
    • Gain working knowledge of Streaming Analytics usage
    • Describe the design and sizing of the compute, network, and storage component of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data
    • Identify the Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data, understand how Cisco Advanced Services for Big Data supports the Cisco Validated Designs that fit into Cisco CPA for Big Data
    • Explain Cisco (UCS) Director Express for Big Data product features, benefits, installation, implementation, and management

Contenido del curso:

Understanding the Big Data Ecosystem

    • Big data fundamentals
    • Distributed storage
    • Distributed computing

Understanding Architecture for Big Data Technologies

    • Big Data Storage and HDFS features
    • Big Data Compute
    • Big Data Networking

Introduction to Hadoop

    • Core components
    • Projects
    • Management tools
    • Hadoop distributions

Streaming Analytics

    • Real-time data streaming and analytics
    • Platforms
    • Computational frameworks for streaming
    • Use cases for Big Data

Cisco Solutions for Big Data

    • Cisco UCS common platform architecture for Hadoop solutions
    • Cisco CPA components
    • Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure for Big Data

Cisco UCS Design and Tuning for Big Data

    • Network
    • Storage
    • Compute

Cisco Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data Applications and Deployments

    • Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastucture for Big Data
    • Cisco validated designs
    • Integrated infrastructure solutions
    • Cisco Advanced services

Cisco UCS Director Express Automation

    • Features and benefits
    • Cisco UCSD Express with Cisco UCS integrated architecture for Big Data
    • Cisco UCS Director Express installation
    • Hadoop service selection
    • Service and workflow requests
    • Cluster management


    • Lab 1: Introduction to Hadoop
    • Lab 2: Introduction to Spark
    • Lab 3: Spark Streaming
    • Lab 4: Administering Hadoop on Cisco UCS
    • Lab 5: Cisco UCS Configuration for Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data
    • Lab 6: Sizing Big Data
    • Lab 7: Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data

Duración: 4 días

Precio: A consultar

Cisco Learning Credits: A consultar



Skill level



Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools

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