(DCCOR) 1.0

The implementing and operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) v 1.0 is an eight-day course comprising five days of instructor- led Instruction and three days of self-study. It is designed to help students prepare for the Cisco DCCOR 300-601 exam, which is part of the required qualifications for Cisco CCNP and CCIE Data Center Certifications. In this course, you will learn to implement data center LANs and SANs and using Cisco Nexus Switches. Cisco MDS Switches, Cisco operating and maintaining Cisco Data Center Networking Storage, and computing infrastructure.

Quién debería asistir 

  • Network designers
  • Network administrators
  • Network engineers
  • Systems engineers
  • Data center engineers
  • Consulting systems engineers
  • Technical solutions architects
  • Field engineers
  • Cisco integrators and partners
  • Server administrator
  • Network manager


The knowledge and skills are expected to have before attending this course are: 

  • Familiarity with ethernet and TCP/IP Networking.
  • Familiarity with SANs.
  • Familiarity with Fibre Channel protocol.
  • Identify products in the Cisco Data Center Nexus and Cisco MDS families.
  • Understanding of Cisco Enterprise Data Center Architecture.
  • Understanding of server system design and architecture.
  • Familiarity with hypervisor technologies (such as VMware)

Objetivo del curso

 Upon completing this course, student will be able to meet these objectives: 

  • Implementing spanning tree, port channels, and virtual port-channels in data center.
  • Implementing first-hop redundancy protocols in data center using HSRP – VRRP, GLBP, AND FHRP FOR IPV6.
  • Implementing routing in data center using OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 and BGP.
  • Implementing multicast functionality in data center on cisco nexus switches.
  • Implementing overlay networks in data center using OTV and VXLAN.
  • Implementing network infrastructure security features con cisco nexus switches.
  • Introduce high-level cisco ACI concepts and describe different fabric discovery parameters.
  • Describe Cisco ACI building blocks and VMM domain integration.
  • Describe packet flow for different types of traffic (unicast, multicast and broadcast) in data.
  • Describe cisco cloud service and deployment models.
  • Implement network configuration management, describe software updates and their impacts, and implement network infrastructure monitoring.
  • Describe cisco network assurance concepts such as cisco telemetry.
  • Implement fibre channel fabric.
  • Implement storage infrastructure services in data center such as distributed devices aliases, zoning, NPV, and FCIP.
  • Implement FCoE unified fabric.
  • Implement storage infrastructure security features in data center.
  • Describe storage infrastructure software updates and their impacts, and implement infrastructure monitoring
  • Describe cisco UCS server from factors
  • Implement Cisco UCS Fabric interconnect and establish network connectivity for the cisco UCS B-series blade servers and cisco UCS C-series rack servers.
  • Implement Cisco Unified computing server abstraction.
  • Implement SAN connectivity for Cisco UCS.
  • Implement cisco UCS security features in data center.
  • Describe Cisco Hyperflex infrastructure concepts and benefits.
  • Implement Cisco UCS configuration management, describe software updates and their impacts and implement infrastructure monitoring.
  • Implement Cisco automation and scripting tools in data center.
  • Describe and evaluate Cisco integration with automation and orchestration software platforms, such as Ansible, Puppet and Python.
  • Describe and evaluate Cisco data center automation and orchestration technologies.

Contenido del curso

Section & Discovery Number Section & Discovery Tittle Instructor-led Training (ILT)/Self-Study
Section 1 Implementing Data Center Switching protocols Self-study
Section 2 Implementing First-Hop Redundancy Protocols Self-study
Section 3 Implementing Routing in Data Center Self-study
Section 4 Implementing Multicast in Data Center Self-study
Section 5 Implementing Data Center Overlay Protocols ILT
Discovery   1 Configure OTV
Discovery   2 Configure VXLAN
Section 6 Implementing Network Infrastructure Security Self-study
Section 7 Describing Cisco Application -Centric Infrastructure ILT
Discovery 3 Explore the Cisco ACI Fabric
Discovery 4 Implement Cisco ACI Access Policies and Out-of-Band Management
Section 8 Describing Cisco ACI Building Blocks and VMM Domain Integration ILT
Discovery 5 Implement Cisco ACI Tenant Policies
Discovery 6 Integrate Cisco ACI with VMware
Section 9 Describing Packet Flow in Data Center Network Self-study
Section 10 Describing Cisco Cloud Service and Deployment Models ILT
Section 11 Describing Data Center Network Infrastructure Management, Maintenance and operations Self-study
Sections 12 Explaining Cisco Network Assurance Concepts Self-study
Section 13 Implementing Fibre Channel Fabric ILT
Discovery 7 Configure Fibre Channel
Section 14 Implementing Storage Infrastructure Services ILT
Discovery 8 Configure Devices Aliases
Discovery 9 Configure Zoning
Discovery 10 Configure NPV
Section 15 Implementing FCoE Unified Fabric ILT
Discovery 11 Configure NPV
Section 16 Implementing Storage Infrastructure Security Self-study
Section 17 Describing Data Center Storage Infrastructure Maintenance and Operations Self-study
Section 18 Describing Cisco UCS Server Form Factors Self-study
Section 19 Implementing Cisco Unified Computing Network Connectivity ILT
Discovery 12 Provision Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Cluster
Discovery 13 Configure Server and Uplink ports
Discovery 14 Configure VLANs
Section 20 Implementing Cisco Unified Computing Server Abstraction ILT
Discovery 15 Configure a cisco UCS Service Profile Using Hardware Identities
Discovery 16 Configure Basic Identity Pools
Discovery 17 Configure a Cisco UCS Service Profile Using Pools
Section 21 Implementing Cisco Unified Computing SAN Connectivity ILT
Discovery 18 Configure an ISCSI Service Profile
Section 22 Implementing Unified Computing Security ILT
Discovery 19 Configure Cisco UCS Manager to Authenticate Users with Microsoft Active Directory
Section 23 Introducing Cisco Hyperflex Systems Self-study
Section 24 Describing Data Center Unified Computing Management Maintenance and Operations Self-study
Section 25 Implementing Cisco Data Center automation and Scripting Tools Self-study
Section 26 Describing Cisco Integration with Automation and Orchestration Software Platforms ILT
Discovery 20 Program a Cisco Nexus Switch with Python
Section 27 Describing Cisco Data Center Automation and Orchestration Technologies Self-study

Duración: 8 días (5 días de ILT (instructor- led Instruction) 3 días de Self-study)




Skill level



Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools

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