Managing Unified Access Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (CI-WMUAPI)

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Managing Unified Access Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (CI-WMUAPI)

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This course is intended for you if you are an IT engineer, administrator or manager that needs to know the fundamentals about planning, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining Cisco infrastructures using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0. This includes SEs, Field Engineers, technical support professionals, network managers, security team members, and administrators.


Prior completion of Deploying Basic Cisco Wireless LANs (WDBWL) or equivalent experience (recommended).

Objetivos del curso

When you complete this course, you will be able to.
• Describe the architecture, licensing, migration capabilities, assurance, compliance features, and setup of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0.
• Identify the pre-deployment and design tasks in the design lifecycle phase.
• Describe how to deploy device configurations with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
• Recognize the different available templates and their capabilities and how to create configurations and deploy them using these templates.
• Describe roles of operations workforce and applicable features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
• Perform device discovery and configuration tasks.
• Explore the monitoring and management capabilities of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
• Create monitoring templates, and perform health and performance monitoring. • Use Prime Infrastructure to troubleshoot and perform problem isolation.
• Create and customize a wide range of reports using Prime Infrastructure 2.0.

Contenido del curso

This course presents configuration design and deployment, and network management and monitoring concepts and tasks using real-world scenarios supported by practical laboratory exercises. The course includes self checks to help ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge of concepts and procedures.

Course Outline

The goal of the course is to provide network engineers, network administrators, and network managers the knowledge to manage the Unified Access infrastructure using Cisco Prime Infrastructure. The course has a network management perspective and addresses the common tasks and goals as required by personnel working within an enterprise. The Course goal as listed above is contingent upon the following modalities: #61550; the course will include lab work to reinforce the instructor led material on configuration and the use Cisco Prime Infrastructure. #61550; The course and lab will follow the story of a customer scenario (Case Study) showing how the customer will use Cisco Prime Infrastructure to create and deploy configurations, monitor, and troubleshoot their Unified Access network devices. The course will also include lesson assessments (self-checks) to ensure the correct depth of knowledge has been achieved.

Duración: 3 días

Precio: 1974 euros

Cisco Learning Credits:



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