Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)


Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)

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Any technology professional seeking a more thorough understanding of how to assess, design and deploy technology solutions in order to enhance business outcomes.


Attendees should meet the following pre-requisites:

      • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business analysis principles and techniques
      • Individuals that have earned the BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Foundations, or equivalent, should be well-prepared to attend the Building Business Specialist Skills
      • Individuals with 5-9 or more years of experience as an IT infrastructure professional who have responsibility for more than a narrow scope of technology delivery
        • Individuals who have a high degree of interaction with business stakeholders and/or applications management personnel within IT, the Line of Business (LoB), or 3rd parties.

      Objetivos del curso

      After completing this course you should be able to:

            • Describe the forces that are driving business change and the role IT in business transformation
            • Discuss how technology trends impact the value of the business
            • Define the business context in which technology solutions are implemented to drive business value
            • Identify critical success factors, key performance indicators, and success metrics for technology solutions
            • Employ business analysis techniques to define business requirements and technology solutions
            • Discuss the financial and budgeting aspects of technology solutions
            • Describe the best practices and methodologies that influence the adoption, implementation, and roll-out of technology solutions
              • Apply techniques and best practices for communicating with and influencing stakeholders.

            Contenido del curso

            Business Transformation

                    • Understanding Business Transformation
                    • The Role of the CIO in Business Transformation
                    • The Evolving Role of the Technology Professional
                    • Business Transformation and Organizational Readiness

            Technology Trends and Business Impact

                    • Enabling Technology Trends
                    • Aligning Innovative Technology to Business Value
                    • Architectural Frameworks and Industry Models

            Understanding the Business Context

                    • The Value Proposition of the Organization
                    • Business Threats, Risks, and Competition
                    • Implications of Technology Solutions on the Business
                    • Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators, and Success Metrics

            Conducting Business Analysis for Value

                    • Stakeholder Management
                    • Information and Data Gathering
                    • Business Analysis
                    • Assessing Technology Capabilities and Gaps

            Financial Considerations of Technology Solutions

                    • Financial Practices for Technology Solutions
                    • Technology Licensing and Consumption Models
                    • Budgeting Practices for Technology Solutions
                    • Determining the Financial Value of Technology Solutions

            Managing Technology Solution Adoption and Implementation

                    • Development and Implementation Models
                    • Project Management Practices for Technology
                    • Procuring Technology Solutions

            Communication and Influence

                  • Leadership and Evolving Skills
                  • Leading and Managing Teams
                  • Communication and Influencing Techniques
                    • Presenting the Technology Solution.


                  820-427 – Building Business Specialist Exam

                  Duración del curso: 3 días

                  Precio: A consultar

                  Cisco Learning Credits: A consultar



Skill level



Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools

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