Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud (CLDAUT)


Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud (CLDAUT)

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Cloud Administrators and Cloud Architects involved in the design, managment and automation of cloud services based on the Cisco cloud solution.


Have attended or have knowledge equivalent to that included in CCNA Cloud – CLDFND and CLDADM

Objetivos del curso

After completing this course you should be able to:

        • Automate and manage Cisco clouds to support business requirements
        • Automate and manage the self-service portal of the user
        • Automate and manage the Infrastructure as a Service
        • Automate and manage a private cloud infrastructure security
        • Automate and manage a hybrid cloud infrastructure security
        • Automate and manage for virtual network services for private and hybrid clouds
        • Automate and manage the VM life-cycle management


Manage Private Cloud Infrastructure for IaaS

        • Describing Cloud Automation and Management
        • Describing Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cloud Management
        • Managing Devices for a Cloud Tenant Using Cisco UCS Director
        • Managing Infrastructure Policies for IaaS Using Cisco UCS Director
        • Managing VDCs in Cisco UCS Director
        • Managing Workflows in an IaaS Tenant Cloud
        • Managing Self-Service Provisioning in Cisco UCS Director

Manage Private IaaS Catalog with Cisco PSC

        • Publishing Cisco UCS Director Services in Cisco PSC
        • Ordering IaaS Services as an End User Using Cisco PSC

Cisco VACS for Provisioning Private IaaS with Network Automation

        • Identifying Cisco VACS
        • Defining the Policies for Containers
        • Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier Internal Template Automation
        • Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier External Template Automation
        • Publishing Discovered Cisco VACS Services in Cisco PSC

Application Provisioning and Life-Cycle Management

        • Ordering a Virtual Server Using Cisco PSC
        • Ordering a Physical Server Using Cisco PSC
        • Ordering a Multi-Tier Application Container Using Cisco PSC
        • Managing Application Containers
        • Manage Life Cycles of Cloud Resources
        • Managing Snapshots

Manage Intercloud Fabric Connectivity for IaaS in Hybrid Cloud

        • Configuring Intercloud Fabric Connectivity
        • Managing VM Templates to Deploy New Workloads
        • Managing Intercloud Fabric Infrastructure
        • Managing Routing Policies for Secure VM Communication in the Hybrid Cloud


        • Lab 1: Create a Multitenant Cloud in Cisco UCS Director
        • Lab 2: Configure and Manage Policies for a Multitenant Cloud in Cisco UCS Director
        • Lab 3: Manage VDCs and VDC Applications
        • Lab 4: Create Workflow Parameters in Cisco UCS Director
        • Lab 5: Creating a Cisco UCS Director Workflow for Baremetal Provisioning
        • Lab 6: Clone Container Policies
        • Lab 7: Configure Resource Pools
        • Lab 8: Managing Cisco VACS 3-Tier Internal and External Templates
        • Lab 9: Configure and Manage Catalogs in Cisco UCS Director
        • Lab 10: Create Self-Service Provisioning Requirements in Cisco UCS Director
        • Lab 11: Discover Cisco UCS Director Catalogs and Templates, and Order VM or Application Stacks as an End User
        • Lab 12: Life-Cycle Management with Cisco PSC


300-470 – Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud

Duracion: 5 días

Precio: A consultar

Cisco Learning Credits: A consultar



Skill level



Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools

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