Cisco ACI Bootcamp 3.0 lab


Cisco ACI Bootcamp 3.0 lab



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Lab 1. DEMO. Provision Initial APIC MultiPod Cluster Configuration (only instructor with some students help)

Task 1.0.1 Information Required for all labs

Task 1.0.2 Provisioning the APIC Cluster

Lab 2. Out Of Band (OOB)

Task 2.0.1 Out Of Band Configuration

Task 2.0.2: Configure Out of Band Management (OOB)

Lab 3. Physical Connectivity of End Points

Task 3.0.1 Creating Basic Policies and Profiles for ACI

Task 3.0.2 Create Interface Policy Groups

Task 3.0.2 Create Interface Profile

Task 3.0.3 Create VPC Explicit Protection Group (VPC Domain)

Task 3.0.4 Create SW Profile

Task 3.0.5 Create Vlan Pool

Task 3.0.6 Create an Optional Physical Domain

Task 3.0.7 Create Attachable Entity Profile (AEP)

Lab 4. Configuring VMM Integration

Task 4.0.1 Configuring VMM Integration using VMware

Task 4.0.2 Adding Hosts to DVS created by APIC using VCenter

Lab 5. Configuring NTP Server

Task 5.0.4: Configure Network Time Protocol

Lab 6. Configure ACI Tenants

Task 6.0.1 Create a Tenant

Task 6.0.2 Create a Private Network under a New Tenant

Task 6.0.3 Create Tenant Bridge Domains and Subnets

Task 6.0.4 Configuring Basic Security for the 3Tier and MSApps Applications. Creating Filters

Task 6.0.5 Configuring Basic Security for the 3Tier and MSApps Applications. Creating Contracts

Task 6.0.6 Create ANP (Application Network Profile) for the 3Tier App

Task 6.0.7 Adding Application End Points to VMM Domain

Task 6.0.8 Configuring Static Port Binding association between the EPG, VPC’s and the right Vlan ID

Task 6.0.9 Testing Multipod Connectivity between endpoints located in POD1 and endpoints located in POD2

Task 6.0.10 Verification Task: Exploring ACI Contract

Lab 7. Configuring Second Application Network Profile for MS Environment

Task 7.0.1 Configuring the necessary Bridge Domains

Task 7.0.2 Configuring the new Application Network Profile and associated EPG’s

Task 7.0.3 Associating the MS EPG’s to the VMM VMware Domain and configure the Filters and Required contracts to interact in a Microsoft Environment

Task 7.0.4 Tenant DHCP Relay Configuration

Task 7.0.5 Adding extra security to the EPG’s through the use of Intra EPG Isolation

Lab 8. Configuring External L2 Connectivity. Network Centric Lab

Task 8.0.1 Configuring Physical Port for External L2 Connection

Task 8.0.2 Create Bridge Outside in your Tenant

Lab 9. Connecting a L3 Outside using OSPF

Task 9.0.1 Verify the BGP Route Reflector Configuration

Task 9.0.2 Configuring External L3 Integration with OSPF

Task 9.0.3 Verification Tasks in ACI for OSPF Configuration

Lab 10. Configuring ANP Using POSTMAN and the API Inspector

Task 10.0.1 Launch Postman-RESTful Client

Task 10.0.2 Create a Tenant using POSTMAN RESTful Client

Task 10.0.3 Create a new ANP in your Tenant

Task 10.0.4 Delete the Tenant created in POSTMAN

Task 10.0.5 Integrating with Cisco ACI Inspector

Lab 11. Working with the ASAv in L4-L7 Service Graphs to provide Outside Security with Firewalling Services in Unmanaged Mode

Task 11.0.1 Configuring L4-L7 Services in ACI

Task 11.0.2 Removing L4-L7 Services Configuration in ACI



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Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools

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