Managing LAN Infrastructure with Cisco Data Center Network Manager V1.1 (DCNML)


Managing LAN Infrastructure with Cisco Data Center Network Manager V1.1 (DCNML)

What you’ll learn in this course

The course, LAN Infrastructure Management with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNML) v1.0 improves your knowledge of LAN infrastructure management with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) which implements a herringbone and leaf network fabric using DCNM with Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), Ethernet VPN (EVPN) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). You will learn how the integration of the thorn-and-leaf network fabric with the Cisco Data Center Network Manager increases overall data center infrastructure uptime and reliability, thereby improving continuity. of the business. It provides a robust framework and comprehensive feature set that meets the routing, switching, and storage management needs of data centers. Cisco DCNM streamlines provisioning for Unified Fabric and monitors SAN (Storage Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network) components.

Who should enroll

· Data network engineers and administrators
. Data Center Technical Managers

Course Prerequisites

. Understanding of Cisco routing and switching in a data center.
. Fundamentals of network management.
. Recommended CCNA certification.

Course Objectives

. After completing this course, you should be able to:
. Describe the components and functionality of DCNM.
. Describe the software define network protocols of VXLAN, eVPN and BGP.
. Deploy a DCNM environment in high-availability environment.
. Operate the DCNM discovery process to acquire management of all devices.
. List high lever navigation features of DCNM and utilize the DCNM GUI (Graphical User Interface) to optimize data center topologies.
. Manage and monitor data center LAN fabric from DCNM.
. Program RESTful APIs native to DCNM to perform any network management task.
. Troubleshoot and monitor the network using DCNM troubleshooting tools.
. Describe the benefits of DCNM Network Insights.

Course outline

. Introduction to Cisco DCNM LAN
. Cisco DCNM Introduction
. Cisco DCNM LAN Solution Overview
. VXLAN EVPN Deployment with Cisco DCNM LAN
. VXLAN Underlays and Underlays
. Base model VXLAN EVPN easy fabric
. Cisco DCNM deployment
. Cisco DCNM High Availability
. Cisco DCNM Installation Requirements
. Discovering Existing Network Devices with Cisco DCNM
. Configure switches for discovery
. Exploring the Data Center with the Cisco DCNM Topology
. Access topology view in the GUI
. Navigate map views and layouts
. Data Center Management and Monitoring with Cisco DCNM LAN
. Manage the configuration file
. Implement fabric changes
. Cisco DCNM Automation Programmatically
. Explore network APIs
. REST API tool
. Troubleshooting and Monitoring the Cisco DCNM
. Troubleshoot and Monitor Cisco DCNM
. Description of Network Insights
. Network Insights Advisor

Lab outline

. Access to laboratory devices
. Explore and test the DCNM lab topology
. Configure Nexis Series (NX-OS) VXLAN Operating System with BGP Control Plane Using CLI
. Configure and run DCNM POAP
. Network management using DCNM
. Data center management using DCNM templates
. Troubleshooting VXLAN with DCNM


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