Introducing Cisco Cloud Consumer Security V1.0 (SECICC)


Introducing Cisco Cloud Consumer Security V1.0 (SECICC)

What you’ll learn in this course

The Introducing Cisco Cloud Consumer Security V1.0 (SECICC) course gives you a technical overview of basic concepts and components of the cloud, and the Cisco solutions used to provide comprehensive security of your cloud-based environment. In this primarily lecture-based course, you’ll learn the basics from a cloud consumer perspective including securing cloud and software as a service (SaaS) application environments. This introductory course provides insights on using Cisco Stealthwatch™ Cloud, Cisco CloudLock, Cisco Umbrella™ and more to protect the user when using cloud-based applications.

How you’ll benefit

This course gives you an overview of how Cisco cloud security solutions can secure cloud environments to:

· Block threats earlier: Stop malware before it reaches your network and endpoints, reducing the time spent remediating infections

· Extend protection to the cloud: Remove blind spots and protect users anywhere they go anywhere they access the Internet

· Secure users, information, and applications: Protect users, data, and applications in the cloud against compromised accounts, cloud-native threads, and data breaches. Support regulatory compliance

· Enable highly secure cloud use: Improve security while boosting end user productivity

Who should enroll

This course benefits cloud consumers and administrators of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructures:

· Security architects

· Cloud architects

· Network engineers and administrators

· System engineers and adminstrators

· Cloud security consumers

· Cloud application administrators

· IT managers

· Line of business managers

· Cisco integrators and partners

Course Prerequisites

This course has no prerequisites, but you’ll get the most from the course if you have the following knowledge and skills:

· Basic computer literacy

· Basic PC operating system navigation skills

· Basic Internet usage skills

· Basic IP address knowledge

· We also recommend that you have the following skills:

· Prior knowledge of cloud computing and virtualization software basics

Course Objectives

After taking this course, you should be able to:

· Describe public, private, and hybrid cloud models, concepts, and design

· Explain the concepts and components for securing cloud environments

· Describe Cisco security offerings for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

· Define methods to secure SaaS application usage

Course outline

· Introducing the Cloud

· Describe the Evolution of Cloud Computing

· Explain Cloud Service Models

· Explore Cloud Deployment Models

· Introducing Securing the Cloud

· Describe the Cisco Threat-Centric Approach to Network Security

· Describe Cloud Physical Environment Security

· Describe Cloud Network Infrastructure Security

· Explain Application Security

· Explore Cloud Management and API Security

· Describe Cisco Cloud-Based Security Solutions

· Describe Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Virtual Network Function (VNF), and Secure Agile Exchange (SAE)

· Describe Cisco CloudCenter for MultiCloud Management

· Describe Cisco Stealthwatch

· Describing Cloud Security Solutions Using AWS

· Identify AWS Security Offerings

· Identify Cisco Security Solutions in AWS

· Introducing Security in an SaaS Environment

· Describe SaaS Applications

· Describe SaaS Security Challenges

· Explain Cloud Access Security Broker

· Describe Cisco CloudLock

· Describe OAuth and OAuth Attacks

· Describe Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints

· Describe Cisco Cloud Email Security

· Describe Cisco Umbrella

Lab outline

· Explore Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud

· Explore Stealthwatch Cloud Alerts Settings, Watchlists, and Sensors

· Explore Cisco Security Solutions in AWS Marketplace

· Explore the Cisco CloudLock Dashboard and User Security

· Explore Cisco CloudLock Application and Data Security

· Explore Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Endpoints

· Explore the Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client


Instructor-led training: (1) day


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