2017 March

Scheneider Electric

Year of Project: 2017. Project: mplementation of the Proof of Concept for the deployment of a layer 2 ring with redundancy, fast convergence and high availability through Cisco IoT switches. The test includes the following objectives:Verify the operation of ring protection protocols in layer 2 loop architectures using RSTP and REP protocols.Verify the layer 2


Year of Project: 2018. Project: High level design of the transport network ECLRT through the MPLS-TE technology contemplating the following:The transport network establishes with efficient communication and convergence times in L2 of 50 ms and in L3 of 1 seg, MPLS with traffic engineering and Fast Reroute.Maximize the use of links and nodes in the


Year of Project: 2018. Project: Pilot test of interconnection of Data Center through VPLS / HSRP using Nexus NX-9000 switches in NX-OS mode in order to establish a secure interconnection that guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Helvetia Insurance

Year of Project: 2018. Project: Deployment and configuration of the UCS Manager solution, the implementation consisted of 3 5108 chassis with 24 Blade servers interconnected through a cluster of 2 Fabric Interconnect switches, 6248 connected to the LAN network using Nexus 5000 switches and connected to the SAN network composed of two MDS 9000 series

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