F1 Valencia Street Circuit

01 Feb

Project´s Economic Scope: 1 millón de euros

Year of Project: 2009. Más 2010-2011-2012 de mantenimiento.

Project: We design, implement and maintain the multiservice network based on MPLS technology with Cisco, this network supports all the security of the road control system, the television signal for giant screens, birch control security cameras, IP telephony, also developed by MIRA and the global public address system.The equipment and approximate scope was 20 catalyst 6500 to mount the MPLS ring.The Cisco equipment is made up of 10 nodes and each node is made up of 2catalyst 6504 for a total of 20, there is also a Cisco unified communicatons Manager 7.0 with srst in a 2811, there are 8 catalyst 3750.This project arises from the need to migrate an infrastructure provided and controlled by a supplier in an independent, redundant and scalable solution. Mesh ring fullmes, allowing vpls / vpns of mpls as the main objective.

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