Let me tell you

Let me tell you

We connect a world with difference

I come to tell you a story, my story, where I will talk about illusions, battles, triumphs, falls, demons and allies. Although, thinking about it, maybe it would be the story of a dream of a woman who started 15 years ago with a dream called “The neon sign”.


And you will ask, … Why “The neon sign”?


Because there are some inventions that revolutionized the history and it is evident that one was the incandescent light bulb and from there the transformation that has had to this day, but there is something specific in the neon lights, since the visual experience is so concrete and romantic that when you want to evoke a certain feeling, only the neon awakens it and that its luminosity, its brightness, its multicolored, makes the neon lights an art that since the happy twenties would mark a turning point in the advertising space , they would demonstrate the greatness of an era conquering the world and filling it with light.


And with those premises, I conceived the dream of Mira Telecomunicaciones, from the greatness and power of light, from diversity as its range of colors that captivates you, romantic and transformational to make the traditional business of training an experience.

Hi, I’m Raquel Vázquez, born in Barcelona in 1976, mother of two children, Daniela and Miguel, business administrator and passionate about business management, innovation and leadership…

Quickly MIRA, that’s how we came to call her, became one of the most important parts of our lives, around her illusions, actions, projects, aspirations, love…

There is a song that comes to mind and identifies very well those days in which I had to assume the direction of MIRA in all aspects. “One moment in time” by Whitney Houston…

Today, MIRA is positioned as a global Cisco Learning Partner, with a local presence in Spain and global coverage, we have annual growth of more than 20%…


First of all to God, for providing me with everything that surrounds me, for being my rock in the decisive moments of my life.
To my children, for choosing me as a mother, for loving me and respecting me so much.
To Mery Tenorio, for her unique gift, for being my unconditional support, because without her I would not be who I am. They say that behind a great woman, there is always another great woman. Unquestionably Mery is her.
To my mother, because in some way she is always there. Because every day we are more united and their help is basic to make my day to day easier.
And to my team, for their delivery. Because without them this would not be possible. Because every day they are better and they are capable of generating a pleasant working environment, where passion, commitment and professionalism are breathed and that makes me feel good, confident.

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